Cannabis Multidisciplinary Education and Research (CAMERA)

PIs: Jessica Merlin, MD, PhD, MBA, Jane M. Liebschutz, MD, MPH, FACP

Project Summary: CAMERA seeks to advance understanding of cannabis through rigorous scientific research, education/training, and community engagement, and to address relevant and timely cannabis policy/advocacy issues. CAMERA will integrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice into all of its actions, and will be responsive to the changing cannabis landscape in the US.

The main priority areas for CAMERA will be pain and substance use. These priority areas will guide decisions about CAMERA activities, including funding decisions. Within pain and substance use, the CCs have identified several initial thematic areas for consideration as follows. The CCs will regularly update them, keeping in mind CAMERA’s mission.
  • Equity, including differences based on race and rural vs. urban differences
  • Stigma, including stigma related to both adult-use and medical cannabis use, among the general public and health care workers
  • Special populations of interest: older adults (specifically regarding aging-related cognitive decline), dental patients (specifically regarding dental anxiety), cancer (including managing the side effects of cancer treatment), sickle cell disease, HIV
  • Conditions of particular interest: insomnia, anxiety
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